Waiting Out Winter In Waldo

As mentioned in Change of Plans, Headed South for the Winter, the first goal of this trip since departure was to make it to Virginia to see old friends and family. As most know by now, the winter season has been incredibly extreme this year. In order to impede possible issues, it was decided that Waldo, Florida would be the place to be where we would be waiting out the winter impatiently. How and why this location was chosen can be found in Hell Month in Jacksonville.

Waldo is a small town located between famous Gainesville, Florida and the small town of Starke, Florida, famous for the State execution of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. On a much lighter note, Waldo is a very peaceful area, with lots of farms, many animals, and pleasant country folks. While a nice place, there is not much to do out there unless you like country sports like Motocross, car racing, and horse riding. Waldo also lacks many food options, but the two cities in either direction offer a myriad of choices. To find any of those lacking things you can visit any major city, but the reason many seek out this country area is for the peace and quiet. That is sure what it was for the past 90 days.

Staying in an RV park for an extended period of times feels strange at times. We have seen so many camping groups come and go, and come back again. It has been exciting, lots of events, cookouts, and small concerts have been attended. We have met lots of friendly fellow full-timers and part-timers of the RV community, even some die-hard ones who will hold on to this lifestyle to the very end. Many were just passing through as we were, escaping the bitter chill of the brutal winter cold.

When there are camping groups, the park was very full, no spots were empty, and it got a bit chaotic. This would usually just last the duration of the weekend, and then they were gone. The rest of the time was harmony, never had any directly neighboring units that pulled in next to ours. Many spaces in between the neighboring RV and the next. But the best part is that for the duration of the stay here at Dixieland RV Park, we will be able to keep the same spot. No need to take part in the parking shuffle that occurs from time to time. This is awesome, a big thanks to management of the Dixieland RV Park park for coordinating correctly so we would not have to move our rig to for the whole stay.

Winter is slowly coming to an end, which means the journey will start picking up again. Spring is on the horizon, and there are many adventures awaiting. The next destination on the RV Living Journey is St. Augustine, Florida. There are some friends who has invited us to stay on their property for a few weeks. Greatly looking forward to this, as we hear the St. Augustine area is quite lovely.