A Week in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia, here we come! What an amazing feeling it is to see the ‘Welcome to Georgia’ sign after driving out of Florida after so many years. Yes, we have flown to cool cities these past few years, Denver, Seattle, Richmond. However, we haven’t really driven to a new state in many years. Driving through Georgia, couldn’t help but to stop and grab some of those famous Georgia peaches and pecans. Delicious!

Arriving at the Savannah Oaks RV Resort campground was nothing too unusual, although couldn’t help but notice how different the weather was. How cool and not humid it seemed to be. We were very excited to be in Savannah, because we had never been here before. That’s what this trip is about, exploring new places during the duration of the RV Living journey. Having lived in Florida most of our lives, the previous stops were exciting. But the real excitement lies in venturing into the complete unknown. In this case, a complete unknown state!

Since there was much to see in Savannah, and so little time (only a week!), there was no time to waste. Spent the first few days doing touristy attractions such as visiting the Savannah Historic District, the Bonaventure Cemetery, and Forsyth Park. These are amazing attractions and pictures just don’t do them any justice. Loved seeing the horse-drawn carriages and cobble stoned square roads throughout the district. Those cobble stoned roads are beautiful to look at but extremely bumpy to drive over. Yikes.

Spent a couple days downtown on the water front watching steam boats toot by. There was quite a bit of restaurant choices scattered throughout the waterfront, so we decided on a local restaurant we had never seen before. The eatery was called Spanky’s on River Street, which happened to be a family owned business since 1976. It was not a bad restaurant. Although we feel burgers are not their specialty (Great beer though!). We are very aware that Savannah is indeed haunted, and while we were unable to attend any ghost tour, we hope to catch one the next time through.

Some days were spent exploring and maximizing the time we had in that city. Also, some days were spent just relaxing, reading, catching up on sleep, writing this blog, or doing work on the RV. And as all those in the lifestyle know, there is always work to be done around the campsite or on the rig. Not sure if it was the time of year, or what. The temperature happened to be beyond perfect which meant those lazy, relaxing days can be had with the windows open allowing cool breeze to flow through.

The time spent in Savannah was time well spent. As a Floridian, its nice to be in a different unknown state, but there weren’t too many things that seemed different. Although, a couple things stood out quite a bit. Growing up in south Florida, wacky drivers are nothing new. It does seem that those in Georgia do like to speed. For one who likes to drive speed limit or below, it was eye opening how many would speed up and pass. Another thing noticed about Georgia is that every location seemed spread out. It took some time to get to desired destinations.

At this point on the trip, RV Living journey is slowly making our way towards Virginia. We are hoping to spend the holidays with family and friends where we hope to ring in the New Year with loved ones. It’s impressive how much progress has been made already. Stay tuned as this is still just the beginning of this RV Living journey.