RV Living Journey Finally Begins

After months of research, planning, selling, and donating, the RV Living Journey finally begins. The start of a several year quest to explore the continent and experience more than life in just a tiny corner of the nation. This wasn’t a simple task of planning to go full time RV living and travel around the whole country. Lots of downsizing, effort and preparation had to be put forth in order to transition from living in the city to traveling in a recreational vehicle year-round. A not-so-simple but very doable task.

When the idea of going full time RV living was initialized, a lot of research went into this potential lifestyle. Hours upon hours of reading the pros and cons of RV living, spending nights contemplating what kind of RV to get, Class A? Class B? Class C? Travel Trailer? 5th Wheel? Too many choices, so many options. After what was perhaps months of initial research that was conducted, it was time to take action towards this goal.

A first step taken towards achieving a full time RV living lifestyle was acquiring an RV of course! Clearly fresh to the scene, this was all very new to us and we had no clue where to start. After turning to the search engine, it was decided that many routes will be need to be taken looking for a potential RV. Turning to the local yellow pages, RV dealers within a 30-mile range were sought out to browse for what would be a new home for the next several years as it traverses the whole country. Unimpressed and unsatisfied with dealing with RV dealers, an RV was located from a gentleman on Craigslist. Disturbed by all the horror stories read online from buying vehicles on sites like this, there was tons of skepticism. In order to quell this paranoia, a reputable RV mechanic was located and scheduled to come out to do an inspection for a small fee before purchasing the unit. It was a thorough inspection, checking everything from the generator to the engine to the roof seals and everything else in between. It’s been highly recommended to get a pre-purchase inspection on your new prospect RV, and we recommend it as it made the purchasing process a lot smoother.

Awesome! Now that a recreational vehicle had been secured, the last big issue was getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff that can not be taken on the journey. For the past several years a minimalist approach has been taken in regard to materialistic items, so there wasn’t too much to find a home for, just the normal stuff such as couch, kitchen table, desk, etc. Ended up selling most of the stuff on Craigslist, and on several apps such as 5miles, Offerup, and LetGo. The small number of items that we still had the day of departure were donated to several charities for a small tax write-off.

Time does sure fly by, months of research, RV inspections, sales of furniture, and last-minute donations all led up to departure day. A birth of a journey into the vast unknown. The day all these months had led up to, a beginning to where living life permanently in one location would take a backseat to the more adventurous, freedom-loving humans we were born to be.

The first stop on this voyage is Torry Island Campground located near Belle Glade, Florida! There is much to see, much to learn, and much to share. Stay tuned for subsequent articles of our journey.