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Product Review: VIAIR Air Compressor 450P-RV

“Tire air levels are important, a VIAIR air compressor is a must have for every recreational vehicle.”
RV Living Journey

After having to deal with a deflated tire issue as mentioned in First Stop: Torry Island Campground and having no direct means to alleviate the issue. It came as a must to acquire a portable air compressor to fill tires with air as needed. After weeks of continuous online research reading reviews, forums, and articles, it was settled that the VIAIR 450P-RV Air Compressor would be the one for purchase.

The VIAIR 450P-RV is one of VIAIR’s top of the line portable air compressors capable of airing tires as large as 42” and up to 150 PSI. The VIAIR portable compressor is powered by 12 volts DC. It boasts 100% duty cycle unit and can be operated up to 40 minutes at a time before needing rest. Being connected to the battery, the compressor can draw upwards of 23 amps, so the manual states the engine must be running.

One of the major features is the automatic shut-off function which comes into play in between tire fills. While a typical portable air compress must be turned off between tire fills, this saves the hassle of running back and forth to toggle the switch.

Key Features


  • Automatic Shut-Off Function
  • Gas Station-Style Inflation Gun
  • 12-Volt Heavy Duty Battery Clamps
  • Thermal Overload Protector
  • 8ft. Power Cord
  • 45-Degree Extended Reach Chuck (For Dual Rear Wheels)
  • Heavy Duty Dual Battery Clamps with Inline Fuse
  • Primary & Extension Air Hoses up to 60 ft.
  • 90-Degree Twist-On Chuck

This compressor is ideal for RVs, trailers, and other vehicles and was decided for purchase due to many reasons. With a quick connect to the battery terminals, an easy assembly of the inflation gun and tires are being filled in no time. Extra-long air hoses make maneuvering from tire to tire a breeze. The compressor and all its’ component fit perfect in the heavy-duty deluxe hand carry bag. Weighing at roughly 18 pounds, the compressor can be quickly mobilized.

Overall, the VIAIR 450P-RV air compressor is considered top of the line for a reason. Some may see it as a bit pricey, but this is one of the products where the quote, “You pay for what you get”, truly applies. RV Living Journey gives the VIAIR Portable Compressor Kit (450P-RV) , a two thumbs up rating, with expectations of being able to utilize this compressor for many years to come.