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Product Review: Mainstays Oil Filled Electric Space Heater

“The Mainstays Oil Filled Electric Space Heater is top of the line in safety and energy efficiency.”

RV Living Journey

Oil Filled Space Heater

Living most our lives in the warm climate of tropical south Florida, never did it occur that there would ever be a need to seek out, let alone purchase a stand-alone heater. After enduring several nights of low 40-degree temperatures inside the RV, it was decided this would be a perfect time to seek a safe, electric heater. Particularly, one that would supplement central heating, reduce utility bills, and provide endless heat while being safe enough to be left on overnight.

There are many different kinds and types of space heaters out there. These also bring dangers with each different one. After inquiring with individuals via several social media groups, reading articles, and online reviews, out of all the potential options, it was clear that the Mainstays oil filled electric radiant space heater was the top pick.

The decision was not easy, it was a hard choice as there are many nice, efficient space heater products out there to choose from. Deciding factors were a compendium of different features culminating to what seemed like the perfect space heater for the RV. To start, safety is always a top priority, and the Mainstays Oil Filled Space Heater couldn’t be a better choice after reading all the reviews and safety features it contains. Features such as heat protection and tilt switch, which turns the heater off in the event it gets knocked over, preventing a fire or other catastrophic event.

Key Features


  • Quiet Radiant Heat
  • 3 Heat Setting
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Convenient Cord Wrap

Living a minimalist and full-time RV lifestyle, energy conservation is always an important factor, even when plugged into shore power. The energy efficiency provided by the Mainstays Oil Filled Space Heater was another major factor which contributed to the selection of this specific heater. With a slick, radiator-look design, most of all electricity consumed is converted directly into heat. Less than 1 percent of electricity is used to power the control panel/thermostat. Which makes this space heater ideal for achieving stable and consistent temperatures.

On a real note, there is a small drawback to using an oil filled space heater that one should be aware of before purchase. Due to oil having a greater thermal mass than water, it takes two to four times longer to warm up and start heating than water does, or compared to other radiant heaters. But with this there is an upside, this heavier thermal mass means the Mainstays Oil Filled Space Heater will continue radiating heat for two to four times as long as other heaters. If fast heat is critical, an oil filled heater may not be the best choice.

For long lasting, energy efficient consistent heat with a semi-slow build up time, then a Mainstays Oil Filled Space Heater is for you. Containing unique thermal properties, enhanced safety features, combined with its portability make this oil filled space heater a safe, most energy efficient, and reliable way to heat your room, office, or RV.