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Product Review: Lasko Wind Tower Fan T42950

Growing up in south Florida, the need and demand for cool air conditioning is always there. Temperatures these days feel out of control. Sometimes on those really hot days when the main AC unit just isn’t cutting it, an alternative method of cooling needs to suffice.

During a fall stay in the Everglades is where the need for another method of cooling arose. As there are currently two main air conditioning units on the RV, these were only enough to maintain a decent temperature on the inside, during the hottest of days. Not necessarily enough to cool it down to a comfortable temperature. The thought of having a lightweight stand-alone fan being able to adjust at will was always on the brain, but this situation forced the idea to become reality.

After what seemed like hours of researching forums, articles, and other sources, it was finally settled that the Lasko Wind Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer would be the pick. Boy, was it a right choice!

The Lasko Wind Tower Fan was picked for many reasons. For starters, the sleek, sophisticated, space-saving design in the shape of a tower offers an unobtrusive means of cooling the room. An oscillating tower fan, by providing a cooling breeze, freshens any room and embodies a quiet experience of widespread air circulation. Embedded wood-grain accents blend seamlessly with decor for placement in any room.

    Key Features

  • Built-in Carry Handle/li>
  • Simple Assembly
  • Fresh Air Ionizer
  • Remote Control
  • Blue Plug Patented Safety Fuse Technology
  • 3 Quiet Speeds

As some families are concerned with the quality of air inside their home, this fan brings the Fresh Air Ionizer. A feature which helps combat air pollution by emitting millions of negative ions that trap fine air contaminants such as pollen, mold, and dust. With the simple click of a button, the fan will start recycling the bad air and only leaving the good air for breathing. You can even do this from far away as it can be controlled with a remote control. How cool is that?

Lucky enough, the Lasko Tower fan was a first great pick of an alternative cooling method for the RV, especially during those really scorching days. By setting this fan in a corner of the rig, its noticeable the amount of fresh air pushing, keeping the air nice and cool, no complaints. RV Living Journey gives the Lasko Wind Tower Fan two thumbs up. It really has everything you would want to find and more in a cooling fan.