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Product Review: Dicor 501LSW Self-Leveling Sealant

“Dicor 501LSW Self-Leveling Sealant is first in its’ class of lap sealant; wouldn’t have any other kind.”

RV Living Journey


A need for finding some sort of caulking for the roof occurred when a small leak had been noticed in the roof coming just under where the antenna sits on the roof. During a heavy storm one evening, a small drip was noticed slowly coming from a roof light. With the all the rain and wind, there was nothing to be done at the current moment. Once the elements subsided, the roof was able to be inspected. It appeared that the one who owned the RV beforehand had recently replaced the antenna, along with it, used a really weak caulking. Under the elements over the past few months, the caulking used to seal the antenna to the roof had withered away completely. Unsure of what caulking they had used, it was quite clear that it was weak.

Before getting into the RV lifestyle, we had no idea what Dicor meant, was, and most likely never had heard the word before. But after hitting the search engines, strolling different sites, and reading some reviews on Amazon, a common theme seemed to occur. It became clear what Dicor was, a reputable company offering an array of outstanding products. There were some competitive products on there, but none compared to the positivism reflected by consumers.

Recommendation after recommendation kept coming up about Dicor 501LSW Self-Leveling Lap Sealant. From five-star reviews to top recommendations from notable RV enthusiasts around the country. This product was being written about all over the web. Over time, we have figured out that hearing from the masses through consumer reviews was trustworthy enough and decided to take a chance on a box of Dicor 501LSW Self-Leveling Lap Sealant. Let’s just say, it was definitely worth every penny!

Key Features

  • Continuously Seals and Remains Flexible
  • Made for horizontal surfaces
  • UV stabilized RV roof lap sealant will not deteriorate, or discolor
  • Adheres strongly to aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, galvanized metal and concrete
  • Creates water tight seal along edges, air vents, vent pipes screw heads, air conditioner units, etc.

Dicor 501LSW Self-Leveling Lap Sealant is a lap sealant used for horizontal surfaces. It creates a secure, water tight, secondary seal along roof edges, air vents, vent pips, and screen heads or other potential cracks, holes, and unwanted openings that could damage your vehicle. Assured to be compatible with EPDM and TPO sheeting, and it adheres firmly to aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, galvanized metal, fiberglass, and concrete.

Not sure what engineering or scientific methods were used to create this, but it is quite amazing. This sealant does exactly what is was made to do and best of all, stands the test of time. There is a logical reason why Dicor 501LSW Self-leveling lap sealant is one of the highest volume products sold in RV stores.