Sunny Oaks RV Community Review

Sunny Oaks RV Community
Located in Jacksonville, Florida

Sunny Oaks RV Community

Length of Stay: 1 month
Electric: 30/50-amp
Sewage: Yes
City Water: Yes

Wifi: Yes
Wifi Rating: Good
Month visited: November
Showers/Restrooms: No
Laundry on-site: Yes
Pull-thru Site: No
Cable TV: No
Mail Receipt: Yes
Gated Security: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes
Extra Amenities: None

Sunny Oaks RV Community is the fourth stop on the RV Living journey. This campground happened to become a destination on the trip when we suddenly had to change plans and reroute due to unforeseen winter weather up north. Truly never thought we would end up in Jacksonville to say the least, but we did and we really didn’t like it at all.

Sunny Oaks RV Community is located on the northwest point of Jacksonville right off an exit off the west band I-295. Upon arriving at the main office, there is not much space to temporarily park the rig so we just pulled it off to the side as best as possible. The front desk reception was mildly friendly, and while we made reservations on the phone, it wasn’t until we arrived to check-in, did they tell us that they had no restrooms or showers on site. Luckily, we had our own shower inside our Class A, a hot-water heater, and propane. This didn’t bother us too much but wish they would have at least mentioned on the phone.

When the site was ready, an escort on a scooter guided us to the location. Sunny Oaks RV Community is actually part of two different campgrounds. One is where the main office is, and the other is a mile or so down the road to the east. The site we were given was down the road. After following the escort, he parked us in the grass directly next to a cement lot. Found this rather odd, after inquiring about why the rig couldn’t be parked on the cement slab, staff just mentioned as that’s what they always do. Noting that if the rig was parked on the cement slab, the hoses would not reach the utilities without needing extensions.

Apparently, the reason this was a two-part campground was because management had recently purchased this community which was a mobile home park. They were in the midst of slowly evicting the permanent residents, and tearing down all the mobile homes. This most likely needs to be done because the permanent residents we had encountered were unsavory to say the least. Scores of what looked to be drug addicts would scurry through the street at night. There was a security gate which closed everyday evening at 7pm and after would need an access code to get in. This was no use; the residents would give out the access code to everyone and let just about anyone in rendering this security measure completely useless. Now most places are generally safe so there isn’t much need to worry, however, this campground is down the street just 2 miles away from one of the deadliest streets in Jacksonville, Florida, Moncrief. What seemed to be every other night, police and other sirens zooming down the main street just outside the campground gates. We lost count as to how many gunshots were heard in the middle of the night over the course of the month.

Sure, there is decent internet, running water, and electricity, but there are other things attributed to a successful RV living experience such as safety, empathy, and community. As mentioned in Hell Month in Jacksonville, after having an emergency and being unable to move the vehicle, we politely inquired to management about assistance for services we could possibly utilize. They never got back to us, just left us hanging, not showing an ounce of care as we were seemingly stranded, due to leave the subsequent day.

With all that was experienced, said, and done over the course of a month staying at Sunny Oaks RV Community, we have to give this facility a big thumbs down. With the lack of empathy for paying customers, the crummy low-effort facilities, and the lack of secure security makes this campground, or whatever you want to call it, a place we would not want to visit ever again.