First 30 Days of RV Living

As the saying goes, ‘Time flies when you are having fun’, while I wouldn’t say the past 30 days have been full of amusement per say, it has been quite a learning experience, and exciting for sure.

Upon embarking on any adventure in this life, one has visions, fantasies, and mind playbacks of how they expect things to go and hope to turnout. But as we all know, it doesn’t work like that, life takes its own unique path of ups, downs, and unexpected turns overshadowed by Murphy’s law as you can never truly know what to expect when you venture into the unknown.

At the beginning of this RV Living Journey, we had our expectations, illusions, and frankly some delusions about leaving a static life in one specific tropical town. Lost in the excitement of a potential new lifestyle, focusing mainly on the positives, and vaguely factoring in negative aspects left us in for a bit of a life lesson. These first 30 days broke us in and gave us the insight as to what mindset will be needed to sustain a safe full time RV living lifestyle.

In theory, it was clear as to which equipment was needed to complete the standard of modern living in a recreational vehicle. Items such as sewer hoses, RV electrical surge protector, clean water hoses, and optional but completely necessary items such as air water filters, water pressure regulator, and air compressor (more on this later). But on the day of our arrival at the very first destination, we didn’t have any of these items. So, we immediately set out on a small mission to the nearest Wally world to purchase these much-needed tools. Luckily, we were able to acquire some of the items on the list such as the water filters, water pressure regulator, and the hoses at the nearest store which was 30 miles away. Unluckily, they did not possess a 50-amp RV surge protector, which is the one we needed. It seems common for some stores to carry certain supplies, and have even come across stores that didn’t have any RV supplies. The store associate recommended I purchase the surge protector from their website online.

Went home, located the surge protector online and purchased from Wally World website. Bad idea. After waiting a week, they had sent a 30-amp surge protector, which is clearly the wrong one as a 50-amp was needed. Frustratingly, had to return the surge protector and wait for a refund, but in the meantime, just went online and ordered from Amazon. It was delivered to the campsite 2 days later. Should have done that from the beginning.

Another item that should have been purchased before trip departure is an air compressor. Any vehicle these days is as good as their tires which make contact to the ground that moves them around in this dimension. When it comes to tires, preventive maintenance is the key. Continuously checking your tires’ air pressure more often then note ensures safety and reliability. Most fail to realize this notion and end up in dire circumstances on the side of the road stranded in a desolate area somewhere.

Several weeks in, a tire that had been slowly losing air was brought to our attention. Now I know what you are thinking, you are probably wondering, “Well, why didn’t you fill up air in the tires before you departed?”, and we did. So clearly there was an underlying issue among one of the two back passenger side tires. Parked deep in an Everglades swamp, and no air compressor in possession, the odds were not looking to well. The tire was so low it seemed dangerous to drive into town, the tire pressure reading on the tire was a bit over 20 PSI, way too low! Luckily, as I mentioned in [place article here], a local business was able to come out and provide tire service. I promptly ordered a VIAIR Portable Compressor Kit (450P-RV) from Amazon so I may never end up in this predicament again.

Roughly several weeks in, another repair was awaiting in the midst. During a heavy thunderstorm a small drip was noticed coming from a ceiling light. Having inspected the roof many times, it had been noted as being in very good shape so it was easy to trace the leak to a crack in the old caulking around the external TV antennae that was just above the ceiling light. After hours of research, it was decided that the knowledge repair the leak was attained. Ordered Dicor Self-Leveling Lap Sealant and a caulking gun from Amazon, and several days later it was time to repair the leak. All those hours of video watching online really paid off, as there has been no leaks since.

The past month has been an exciting adventure to say the least. Learning many different things along the way is one of the reasons why this lifestyle was chosen. It seems owning and living full time in a recreational vehicle compared to owning a house or living in an apartment has its’ differences and its’ similarities as well. There are and will always be things that break and need to be fix or repaired and it only took a short period of time to realize this!