Change of Plans, Headed South for Winter

As of the last post, RV Living Journey was headed to Virginia to be with family and friends for the holiday. There has been a change of plans, and instead, headed south for the rest of winter (Destination unknown at the moment). This is a tad bit disappointing as we really wanted to spend the holidays a bit more up north for the winter. Farther away from the equator where there is an actual winter season.

This due to the record cold weather that has struck the nation this season, cold fronts from the north, and winter starting earlier than usual. Ideally, we wanted to drive up to Virginia to spend thanksgiving at least, and then immediately head south before the snow came. However, those plans are ruined due to the potential freezing temperatures that will occur during the duration of the planned stay.

As newbies in the full-time RV living lifestyle, it was known but never experienced, that freezing temperatures is known to bring a myriad of issues to the rig. Issues like frozen pipes, frozen hoses, frozen tanks, etc. Turning a simple trip into an expensive disaster was not on the bucket list. While we were also aware of potential ways to mitigate the risks of frozen equipment with methods such as RV skirting, anti-freeze, and other means. It seemed like an awful lot of effort, worry, and money for such a simple trip. Rerouting the trip south for the duration of the winter season seems like the only viable option.

Staying put for a couple months was an option, but even at the current location we are staying now, Savannah, Georgia, it is possibly going to get into freezing temperatures. Which is why heading more south will be enough to beat the cold and avoid the risk of a frozen rig. Thankfully it’s just a couple hours drive in any southern direction to get to warmer climate.

At this time, there is no idea of exactly where the next destination will be, but leaning towards southern Georgia, or northern Florida. Lots of research online, and calling around different RV parks seeing which one has an open “snowbird” slot for those fleeing the weather. The journey north towards Virginia will continue in the early spring once the freezing temperatures have relented. While changes in plans is always disappointing, learning to adapt, and improvise comes naturally so these small hiccups are part of the ride.

Stay warm, folks.